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Tie Out Cable -1

Tie Out Cable -1
Model: Light weight cable tie outs, 5579 zinc snaps
Product Description:
Tie Out Cable / pet products
** Galvanized aircraft cable with vinyl coating
Technique parameter:
 Item#  Cable size Length    Breaking strength   Qty Master   L x W x H(CM) Gr./Net  Wt (kg)     Qty
Inner Pack
 TC140-A  1/16" coated to 3/32"  10ft  400lb  72 sets  48x42x28.2  13/12  12sets
 TC140-B  1/16" coated to 3/32"  15ft  400lb  72 sets  52x40x35  30/28  12sets
 TC140-C  1/16" coated to 3/32"  20ft  400lb 60 sets  48x39x30  26/24  12sets

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